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Our team is on a mission to improve the lives of thousands of people by helping them get hired & succeed in software sales. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to further their careers and create prosperous and happy life for themselves and their families. As such, we work to expand access to this growing industry with our award-winning training program and industry-leading guarantee.

Meet Your Success Team

Admissions Team

Caleb Jordan
Admissions Director
David Stewart
Admissions Advisor

Member Success Team

Isaiah Ascher
Director of Member Success
Brian Baik
Member Success Manager
Josue Alvarado
Member Success Manager
Devan Williams
Member Success Manager
Bobby Powers
Member Success Manager
Caleb Gibson
Member Success Manager
Andrew Block
Member Success Manager
John Ly
Member Success Manager
Thomas Jansen
Member Success Assistant

Partnerships Team

Josh Ruff
Director of Partnerships
Nathan Hooks
Member Success Manager
Hannah Burgess
Partnership Manager

Business Management

Josh Jordan
Founder & CEO
Darius Goldman
Co-founder, Advisor
Sunni Sukumar
Marketing Director

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