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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to commonly asked questions about the Prehired training program, software sales careers, and Income Share Agreements.


What is Prehired?
What makes Prehired different from everything else out there?
Since you admit less than 5% of applicants, what are you looking for?
How long is your admissions process?
What kind of sales experience do I need?
How much tech experience do I need?
Isn't your "Admissions Interview" a sales pitch in disguise?
Do you offer any sort of guarantee?
What's expected of a Prehired member?
I've done sales. Why do I need your help breaking into software sales?
How long does it take to complete the first course?
How can I finish my coursework faster than 12 weeks?
Who else endorses your training program?
Once I join, can I leave Prehired without any obligation?
When's the next starting date for your program?
What equipment do I need to do Prehired?
Other than my Prehired membership, what else do I need to buy?


How long does it usually take to get hired?
What's a typical interview process in software companies?
Will I need to move to find a job?
What proof do you have that the Prehired training works?
Do I need to have a college degree?
How important is my age?
Are you a staffing agency or recruiter?


Why should I consider a career in software sales?
What 3 things does a software Sales Development Rep do every day?
How often will I need to travel?
How long does it take to make six figures?
What kind of job security is there in technology or software sales?
What are the common promotion paths?
Can I get a different type of sales job with your training?


Am I eligible for an ISA?
How much does Prehired cost?
How do I know this isn't some elaborate scam?
How much do I pay in total on an Income Share Agreement (ISA)?
What's the interest rate for the Income Share Agreement (ISA)?
Are Income Share Agreement (ISA) payments based on pre-tax income?
When do my Income Share Agreement (ISA) repayments start?
How do you verify my income for the Income Share Agreement (ISA)?
How do I report my income for the Income Share Agreement (ISA)?
What happens to my Income Share Agreement (ISA) if I file taxes jointly?
What if I need an Income Share Agreement (ISA) but don't have a bank account?
What happens to my Income Share Agreement (ISA) if I withdraw?
When does the Income Share Agreement (ISA) repayment period begin?
Can I sign another Income Share Agreement (ISA) after Prehired?
Do I need to be a US citizen to become a member?