Science-Based Sales® Curriculum

Our award-winning, proprietary curriculum will equip you with the skills needed to build a thriving career in software sales.

A Growing Industry With Boundless Opportunity

The software industry in the United States is one of the fastest-growing sectors today, far outpacing the economy as a whole. Across the world, new software tools are changing the way we work, interact, and go about our daily lives.

For software businesses, salespeople are key to the growth of their companies. Therein lies our opportunity - software companies are hungry for skilled salespeople, and willing to pay them handsomely. Here at Prehired, we train you to fill that need.

"I cannot recommend Prehired enough. The training is mind-blowing. I come from a sales and business background, so I've been to countless seminars and trainings and this one by far takes the cake. I'm grateful to have found this program and the awesome community that goes with it."
Robert Holbrook

Join the Top 10% of Software Sales Professionals

Our curriculum is designed to not only get you hired, but also to succeed in software sales.

As a Prehired member, you'll learn the techniques and workflows of top-performing sales reps, gain experience with the tools of the trade, and even receive personalized mentorship.

What You'll Learn

Modules 1-5: Tools of the Trade (13+ Hours)

Module 1: An Intro to Science-Based Sales

Module 2: Basic Sales Tools

Module 3: Customer Relationship Management (CRMs)

Module 4: LinkedIn Best Practices

Module 5: Advanced Sales Tools

Modules 6-10: Science-Based Sales® Skills (8+ Hours)

Module 6: Ideal Customer Profiles

Module 7 : Effective Messaging

Module 8: Sales Call Playbook

Module 9: How to Conduct Sales Meetings

Module 10: The Psychology of Science-Based Sales®

Modules 11-15: Workflows & Getting Hired (17+ Hours)

Module 11: Building Your Brand

Module 12: Workflows & Systems

Module 13: Securing Interviews & Job Offers

Module 14: Science-Based Sales® Certification

Module 15: Mentorship & Getting Hired

Two Different Payment Options

Income Share Agreements (ISAs)

Pay $0 down, then 12.5% of your income above a certain threshold, capped at 48 payments or $30k.

Paying Upfront

You can pay $15k upfront for access to the Prehired training program and lifetime support, with no fees.

Learn more about our ISAs here.

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