Member Success Guarantee

We guarantee you land a $60k+ job offer within 12 months of finishing coursework ($40k base + expected commissions.)

To qualify for the guarantee, just:

Complete the coursework before your official completion date.

After you’re done with the coursework, successfully complete your Career Search Process (CSP) within 12 months.

Congrats, you’ve been hired to a great job… or, if you failed after diligently following everything in your Membership Agreement, email your Mentor within 30 days of your last month to be released from your ISA* (see notes below).

*This is not a "no questions asked" guarantee. Changing your goals, changing your mind, or not following through on your commitments aren’t valid reasons for release from your ISA or payment obligations.

* If you're not working and are following our process to find a new job, your ISA payments pause. If you're curious about the Income Share Agreement payments,
you can see details and examples here.

* This is a simplified explanation of the Member Success Guarantee. Full details are found in your Membership Agreement if you are accepted into Prehired.

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