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This is NOT a job you're applying to. It's an online training + mentoring program for which we accept less than 5% of applicants.
Results. After Prehired's Science-Based Sales® program, the average software sales job earnings in year one are $73k (with $45k in base salary) and six-figure potential in year two
Guaranteed. If you don't find a $60k+ job within 1 year of finishing your coursework, the program is free. How many colleges, universities and career trainers stand by their programs like that?
Speed. The average person takes ~12 weeks from start to landing in their first job offer, putting in ~1.5 hours per day, so you can work full-time and tend to your family meanwhile
Convenient. Our core course is video-based, with no live or in-person training you have to show up for, and you get a one-on-one mentor to schedule meetings with when you're able to
Affordable. An option to pay $0 until you find work, if you qualify, and monthly payment plans with no loans or interest otherwise. That way, you can pay all or most of the program cost AFTER you're working
For life. LIFETIME access to content updates, one-on-one mentoring, job references, our active online members-only group, live trainings, our yearly in-person summit, partner job opportunities and more to sidestep struggles and keep leveling up your career

Our members work for some of the most exciting companies in the world

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How to Land a Six-Figure Sales Career

Even if you have no prior sales or tech industry experience



Click the "Apply Now" button below to apply for a place in Prehired. We're looking for the ~5% with great communication skills and the Attitude, Aptitude, Ambition and Accountability to thrive in a software (SaaS) sales career.


Do Coursework

If you're in the ~5% we admit, you get access to our full Science-Based Sales® program and a personal mentor. The program is streamlined to give you the real-world know-how you need (and must show) in as little as six weeks.


Use Our Career Search Process

Reach out to companies you're interested in directly like a sales professional would, bypassing the normal "apply and pray" way. Get personalized one-on-one mentoring to prep for your interviews, to pick the right offer for you and to negotiate the best possible salary.


Succeed & Grow

Once you've landed your full-time software sales position, you can apply everything you learned about Science-Based Sales® to close deals and take home bigger paychecks.

Josh Jordan
Founder / CEO, Prehired
Why trust Josh? Because he's...
Built dozens of software sales teams (from 1-30 reps and $1M-$30M in annual recurring revenue)
Created the Science-Based Sales® process proven in software companies big and small
A HubSpot guest blogger teaching sales
Sold so much of a software startup's product, they won the $100,000 grand prize at an investment competition hosted by AOL cofounder, Steve Case
A Sales Hacker Top 10 awardee for Sales Leadership out of more than 5,000 nominees worldwide
Not satisfied to work with only people already in tech, Josh started Prehired to help regular folks launch software sales careers at companies across the U.S. in 6-12 weeks -- even without any sales or tech experience.
One of the top 10 most listened-to guests EVER on Outreach.io's Sales Engagement podcast

HubSpot named Prehired's Science-Based Sales® system to its Top 27 list of sales trainings for 2018, 2019 and 2020
(the ONLY software sales career trainer)
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(Our members average $73K in year 1 with 6-figure potential in year 2)
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