An Investment in Our Members’ Success

You can enroll in our Prehired training program and land a six-figure sales job without paying anything up front.

We believe that any worthwhile training program should align the institution's success with that of their members.

Income Share Agreements, commonly referred to as "ISAs" offer an alternative to high tuition costs and student loans.

Rather than paying upfront, or borrowing money, members commit to pay a certain percentage of their future income in exchange for their education.

Prehired is proud to offer ISAs allowing members to go our training program with no out-of-pocket cost to start.

Our members only pay us AFTER they land a $60k+ career, allowing anyone with the will to succeed to make a better life for themselves and their family by entering the high-growth software sales industry.

The Basics Of ISAs

Pay Nothing Until You Start Earning

Even better, you never pay in any month when you're making less than $3,333.33 per month, aligning our financial success.*

Monthly Payments Based on What You Make

Once you land a high-paying job, you'll make monthly payments based on a percentage of your income.

Stop Paying Once You’ve Reached the Cap

You're 100% free from any obligation to us once you've reached the cap or the payment schedule ends.

Glance At The Numbers


We guarantee you land a $60k+ job offer within 1 year of finishing coursework ($40k base + expected commissions.)


You pay 12.5% of your gross income for 48 months.


The ISA is capped. You'll never pay more than $30k, no matter how high your income.


If you stop working or make less than $3,333.33 in a month, your ISA pauses. There's no interest.

8 Years

Your ISA expires after 8 years, even if you've paid nothing.

$3,000 OFF

Take $3k off your $30k ISA payment cap for starting $250 monthly payments when you join (optional).

Your ISA is complete when one of these things happens...

You've made 48 monthly payments
You've paid a total of $30k
It's been 96 months since you completed the program (even if you've paid nothing)

Calculate Your ISA

Income Share Agreement Details

12 months, $60k guarantee
See Guarantee page for details
Upfront Payment

7 days (or up to 30% of the first program, whichever comes first)
First Payment
28-60 days after starting job. YES, you get to keep your first few paychecks before paying us anything!
Total Cost
Variable, capped at $30k
Payments Duration
48 monthly payments when working (you only pay in months when you gross $3,333.33+)
Average Monthly Payment
~$500 in the first few months and increases with income
Early Payoff Discount?
Yes, we pay $3k to buy down your cap from $30k to $27k if you start making $250 monthly payments

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