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After 12 weeks, Prehired members average $69,000 in their first year with 6-figure potential after that. Start with zero upfront cost and a job guarantee.

Prehired members are HIRED in 12 weeks on average, while those who attend other programs are barely finishing their coursework.

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"It is literally life changing. From someone who didn’t know if they wanted to continue college or not and having a mini life crisis, this was absolutely the best path I could have taken."
- Lia Tan
"For anyone who is looking for a break through to SaaS or just a career change, I 100% recommend this course. If you put in the hard work and dedication, I promise you will find success through Prehired."
- Quanje Hill
"If you want what is listed on the Prehired website, there’s nothing else to think about. These companies are out here, they’re looking, and you don’t want to miss out."
- Udoka Omenukor
"Staying on track was not stressful and I was able to get hired in 70 days. Now I have a career I am excited about and work for a company that is always looking at how it can better treat its employees."
- Daniel Angelino
"To make a long story short, this program taught me things that are transferable, viable, and crucial to my success. I wouldn't trade this opportunity for the world."
- Megan Madrigrano
"If you are thinking about joining PreHIRED, I'd say think no more. Just take the leap of faith to join, work hard, leverage the tools taught and you won't regret it!"
- Nicole Pearson
"The Prehired team does a TREMENDOUS job at unveiling key techniques, simplifying the complicated topics, and making sure ordinary people are successful."
- Cameron Provencher
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Why Tech Sales? Hear from Prehired's Founder & CEO

Why Tech Sales Might Change Your Life

Prehired Founder / CEO, Josh Jordan

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Prehired is dedicated to our members' success. We don't make money unless you land a $60k+ job, so we’re in this together, from your first day of training onward since your membership is for life.

Launch Your Career,
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Learning Science-Based Sales® is just the start of your lifetime membership benefits.
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We guarantee you land a $60k+ job offer (from a tech company YOU choose).
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Pay nothing until you get a job and partner with us in your career.
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The Prehired Experience

On-Demand - Fits Your Schedule

Our Science-Based Sales® membership is available on your schedule. Even if you already have a full-time job, a house full of kids, or other commitments it's still possible to complete if you can put in the work.

1:1 Mentorship

Throughout your Prehired experience, you'll work with a number of different mentors and members that work alongside you. Starting off, you'll have an advisor, to help make sure the program is right for you before you join.

Then, while you're completing your Science-Based Sales® assignments and practice, you'll be paired with a Mentor, who can help you reach your career goals and get that first sales career.

High Reward, Low Risk

Our mission is to help ordinary people learn Science-Based Sales® and land high-paying tech sales jobs. With that in mind, we don't want payment to stop you from succeeding in our workforce accelerator.

That's why we're proud to offer Iet you start paying after you land a job.

What Hiring Managers Say

“It’s been an excellent partnership… I get trained people in my inbox who know what we’re looking to do and the impact we make in the market. And I can quickly put them into a role and coach, train and develop them faster than others to success. That’s a win every single day.”

Ben Goldberg
Co-founder & CEO, SalesGig

“I love hiring with Prehired, the process is seamless, genius and easy!”

Guirae Jang
Director of Sales, Entara

“We actually hired our second person, and that gentleman has worked out very well for us as well. We’ve seen a sales increase of about an extra 70% since we’ve onboarded our second salesperson.”

Rich Chen
Founder & CEO, Product Gym

“I hear James behind me rocking it on the phones. Happy to have him on the team.”

Sean Staicer
Director of Sales & Marketing, Shopventory

“I'm a big fan of Prehired! We hired Philip Jansen from the program back in July, and he averaged 250% of quota before receiving the fastest promotion of any SDR in company history after only 4 months crushing his role.”

Julianne Smith
Director of Sales Development, Drift

“Big Prehired fan here already. Met so many amazing people during the first process.”

Joshua Smith
Head of Business Development, Simplr

“Samson Tibebe is the truth. With the 100+ SDR's we've hired over the past 6 months, it's rare that a name stands out... much less associated with high-quality work, attitude, and opportunities created. Excellent work, Samson Tibebe - we're lucky to have you. Your future is bright. Sky's the limit.”

Blake Nolan
Director of Client Revenue Strategy,

“I can vouch for Prehired talent - hired a great BDR from their program.”

Jacob Warwick
Chief Growth Officer, Visor

We've Helped Hundreds of Members Change Their Lives

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of Prehired members are hired within 12 months



Average First-Year Earnings
With 6-figure potential for this career path!



Minimum offer
($40k+ base)

Our Training is Award-Winning

Prehired is the only tech sales career launch program to be in Hubspot's top sales training programs list 3 years in a row.

We're also Career Karma's Top Tech Sales Bootcamp plus a Preferred Partner. (And yes, while our career launch program is like a bootcamp, it's just the start of your lifetime membership benefits.)

A Growing Industry, Brimming With Opportunity

Stats from RepVue show average On-Target Earnings (base pay + expected commissions for hitting quota) of $77,500 for Software Sales Representatives.
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Not Just White Guys

While other training companies talk about diversity, we deliver it. More than two thirds of our members come from underrepresented groups.

We believe sales teams should look like the customer base they serve, which means true diversity - of race, religion, beliefs, and more.

This is about more than checking boxes. It's about building the foundation for growth, and attracting the best talent.

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