Prehired vs All Others

Prehired Lifetime Membership
Everyone Else (bootcamps)
Speed to Start
You can apply, interview, get accepted and start in as fast as a day
Often a couple of weeks to apply and interview followed by weeks to months to start on predetermined dates
Speed to Finish
6-12 weeks for coursework. 12.2 weeks average from starting to getting hired
12+ weeks in coursework, unknown time to get hired
Learning Convenience
Online, video-based training with worksheets, plus 1:1 live mentoring over Zoom (10 hours / week)
Some online (though you often have to attend live), some in-person at physical locations
Real-World Experience
You do outreach to hiring companies the way a Sales Development Rep would, showing you can do the job
Often limited to role play
Getting Hired
Work at any of 1,000s of U.S. software companies (including our partners like Drift, Sage Intacct and ZoomInfo)
Some require you to work for 1-2 years (in only 1-2 cities) for a company paying recruiting fees
Speed to Promotion
3-9 months before a 6-figure income potential
Unknown (dice roll)
Ongoing Support
LIFETIME content updates, mentoring, training, job opps and references, group and yearly summits.
Varies from none up to 1 year
100s of active members in a Slack group (many want to hire other members to their companies)
Smaller community, if any
Education Required
High school diploma or GED
Often requires 4-year college degree
We guarantee you get at least one offer for $60,000+ (with at least $40,000 from base salary)*
Often no specific guarantee on job offer value because your contract or payment is enforced regardless of outcome
* This is a simplified explanation of the Member Success Guarantee. Full details are found in your Membership Agreement if you're accepted into Prehired.

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