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Become a Prehired Partner and get access to a live pipeline of certified SDRs. Our Science-Based Sales® program prepares our candidates with everything they need to prospect and qualify leads so they keep your reps’ calendars full with meetings.

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Why Hire Prehired Certified SDRs?

● Sales talent across the U.S., all certified in Science-Based Sales®

● 50+ new sales reps trained each month, who all have lifetime access to our training and mentoring

● Sales experience ranges from months to 40+ years

● Free to interview and your first hire is FREE

● After your first hire, pay only $9.5k per hire

● If someone doesn't stay on past 60 days, we give you another candidate or a refund

Julianne Thompson
Head of Sales Development @ Drift

Praise from a Top SaaS Sales Manager

After leading Outreach.io from $0 to $10,000,000 ARR in just 2 years with ONLY outbound sales (no marketing), she's now at Drift to lead their next growth wave.

Hear what Julianne says (at the 19:50 mark) about our members breaking all previous records for performance and promotion at Outreach.

What Hiring Managers Are Saying

"I love hiring with Prehired, the process is seamless, genius and easy!"

Guirae Jang

Sales Development Manager

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"It’s been an excellent partnership… I can get trained people in my inbox who know what we’re looking to do and the impact we make in the market.

"And I can quickly put them into a role and coach, train and develop them faster than others to success. That’s a win every single day.”

Ben Goldberg

Founder, CEO

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"I would love to hire more Prehired candidates. We've had a lot of success from the program."

Julianne Thompson

Head of Sales Development

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How It Works

As a Prehired partner, you'll have access to the best sales talent before anyone else.



As a Prehired partner, you'll be paired with a partnership manager who will work with you to understand how your sales team functions, so we can build a list of prospects most likely to succeed at your company.


Receive Curated Prospects

Next, your account manager will send over a list of top candidates for you to request interviews with. Once you have submitted your requests, your account manager will personally introduce each candidate to you via email.



Take our candidates through your standard interview process. Feel free to move them ahead as quickly as you’d like. Our hand-selected members are excited about your specific company and culture, which makes for a productive and promising interviewing process.



Make offers to the prospects you choose. Your first hire is FREE. After that, it's only $9.5k per hire. And, if they don't stay on for 60 days, we help you replace them or we refund you.

Prehired Members Are Trained in Science-Based Sales®

Our members are trained in our award-winning Science-Based Sales® curriculum, which has prepared them in the workflows and skills needed to be top-performing reps for your company.

The Skills Needed to Generate Pipeline and Win Deals

● Prospecting to generate high quantity & quality of sales leads.

● Qualification to ensure alignment between buyer and seller.

● Discovery to dive deep into goals, challenges, and solutions.

● Advisory to uncover value/insight, create urgency, overcome objections, and close deals if there is a mutual fit between the buyer and seller.

Trained on 20+ Leading Sales Tools

CRMs - Salesforce, Hubspot, Close.io, Nutshell, Copper, Pipedrive, ZenDesk Sell

Lead Gen - LeadIQ, LinkedIn, Zoominfo, Crunchbase, Angel, Hunter, Interseller, Leadfuze, Prospect.io, Clearbit, Apollo

Engagement - Outreach, Salesloft, Apollo, Drift Video, Interseller, Hunter.io, Yesware, Groove

Productivity - Calendly, Zoom, Slack, Intercom, Drift, Join.me, GoToMeeting, Hubspot Sales Pro, Chrous.ai, Gong.io

Workflows to Generate a Consistent Pipeline

● Most salespeople who fail to meet their quota just fail to manage their time.

● We provide a framework for doing sales activities broken up into each hour of the day.

● Science-Based Sales® Analysts know how to put all the pieces together and run a consistent and repeatable sales process.

● Reps trained in Science-Based Sales frequently go on to become top-performing reps

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