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Prehired is a members only workforce accelerator that helps our members get hired, promoted, and earning 6-figures alongside a community of people who have your back for life.

As a lifetime membership association with a job guarantee, we help you get hired to tech sales careers at companies YOU want to work for, hit six figures asap and keep getting promoted.

How we help you keep leveling up...

STEP #1:
Science-Based Sales® - Prehired
To get you hired
STEP #2:
Science-Based Sales® - Promoted
To get you promoted
STEP #3:
Science-Based Sales® - Manager
To get you into management

Step #1: Science-Based Sales® - Prehired

Modules 1-5: Tools of the Trade

Module 1: An Intro to Science-Based Sales®

Module 2: Basic Sales Tools

Module 3: Customer Relationship Management (CRMs)

Module 4: LinkedIn Best Practices

Module 5: Advanced Sales Tools

Modules 6-10: Science-Based Sales® Skills

Module 6: Ideal Customer Profiles

Module 7 : Effective Messaging

Module 8: Sales Call Playbook

Module 9: How to Conduct Sales Meetings

Module 10: The Psychology of Science-Based Sales®

Modules 11-15: Workflows & Getting Hired

Module 11: Building Your Brand

Module 12: Workflows & Systems

Module 13: Securing Interviews & Job Offers

Module 14: Science-Based Sales® Certification

Module 15: Mentorship & Getting Hired

Step #2: Science-Based Sales® - Promoted

The Science-Based Sales® Promoted program will help you get promoted to a senior sales role one year after starting your career

Step #3: Science-Based Sales® - Manager

The Science-Based Sales® Manager program will help you quickly earn your way into management two years after starting your career

You Also Get These Perks for Life...

"I learned about Prehired after seeing a Facebook ad one day... and thought it was too good to be true at first...

"But, after finishing the program, I got a job offer from my top company within 4 weeks of starting the job search!

"This is, by far, the best investment I made in my career development."
Juan Arcila

Join the Top 10% of Software Sales Pros

We teach Clarity > Closing®, because sales happen from first helping prospects clarify their problems and then showing how your solution is better than others.

Because you're dealing with complex issues and multiple decision makers, Prehired gives you the training, hands-on experience and personal mentoring to become a trusted advisor.

This foundation is also what gets you hired to top software sales teams -- even if you start Prehired without any previous sales or tech industry experience.

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A Growing Industry With Boundless Opportunity

The software industry in the United States is one of the fastest-growing sectors today, far outpacing the economy as a whole. Across the world, new software tools are changing the way we work, interact, and go about our daily lives.

For software businesses, salespeople are key to the growth of their companies. Therein lies our opportunity. Software companies are hungry for skilled salespeople, and willing to pay them handsomely. Here at Prehired, we train you to fill that need.