Prehired vs Recruiters

You get access to a pipeline of 50+ trained SDRs across the U.S. every month
They might find someone for you... or they might not (they don't have people ready to go)
Job-Ready SDRs
You get SDRs with 120+ hours of training, including 1:1 call coaching
They offer no training, so they just talk to people to guesstimate their experience
SDRs We Keep Mentoring
You get reps we mentor for life, so they're consistent and produce more for you
They move on once you've paid their commission for a candidate
Less Work, More Control
You get a short, curated candidates list, with their customized videos delivered to your inbox
They book candidates on your calendar without YOU deciding if you want to interview them
You get candidates with many backgrounds and experiences, which helps you sell to more personas
They often recruit fresh college grads with little to no experience... or recycled SDRs
Planning Your Hiring
You get our help planning your hiring, so you can scale with SDRs who ramp quickly and match your culture
They usually chat with you to talk about the role you're hiring for right now
Speed to Fill Roles
You get your roles filled in 12 days, on average
They take 40 days, on average, to fill a tech sales role (source:*)
You get our 60-day replacement guarantee, which you're less likely to need given everything above
They often offer a guarantee you'll need to use, so read the fine print

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