Is Prehired a Scam?

Written by
Josh Jordan
April 23, 2020

When people first hear about Prehired, many automatically think, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” 

Look, we get it. Even though we have high standards for admitting applicants, where else can you prep for a six-figure software sales career in about 12 weeks with no upfront cost -- and have lifetime support afterward?

Of course, we don’t expect you to just take our word that we’re not a scam. We’ve worked for years to develop our Science-Based Sales® curriculum and active mentorship community.

So, instead of telling you, let’s point you towards the evidence, so you can make a decision for yourself.

Third-Party Verified Reviews

One way to help you determine whether any offer (whether it be a membership community, a course, a product, etc.) is legitimate or not is by seeking out third-party reviews.

We’re proud to have hundreds of verified reviews from real people like you. Here are a few from real websites, so you can see for yourself:

Course Report LinkedIn Facebook
Star Rating 4.95 / 5.0 No star rating available 4.8 / 5.0
Number of
154 reviews 204 recommendations 109 reviews
Links See the Reviews See the Reviews

(Scroll down to the
Recommendations section)
See the Reviews

(Career Karma also wrote this post about us, though some of the information is now outdated.)

A Payment Structure Centered Around Member Success

One way we serve our members is with a payment structure based on their success.

Traditional paths to career advancement, like colleges and universities, require tuition paid as you go. They also offer no guarantee you’ll land a high-paying career (or any career) after you invest years into your education -- years in which you don’t earn much because you’re studying. Worse, according to a report from the U.S. Department of Education, students graduating with a bachelor's degree or higher leave with $35,600 in average debt.

We believe there’s a much better and more fair way. Any worthwhile training program should align the institution's success with their members’ success, so we decided to put our money where our mouth is.

With that in mind, we’re proud to offer $0-upfront payment plans, backed by a guarantee.

So, we have skin in the game, since we’re spending our own time and money training and mentoring our members, and then helping them find jobs.

If you follow the process and don’t land a software sales job, you never owe us a penny. We only earn money when you do.

Simply put: if you get accepted into Prehired, our incentives are aligned.

That’s why, if we’re going to pour time, money, and resources into making you a great software sales representative, we need to be confident you’ll do well in the field.

Business Basics

As a general rule, most scammers tend to skip over many details that real businesses and professional organizations are open about. Doing a little sleuthing can uncover the fakers.

Here are a few questions you should ask to help you spot a scam:

  1. Does the company have a phone number you can call? Even if you get their voicemail, do they call you back when you leave a message?

    We invite you to give us a call at ‍(843)-790-2838.
  2. When you email them, do you get a personalized response?

    Feel free to shoot us an email at We usually reply within a day, even on weekends.

  3. Does the company have a physical mailing address?

    You'll find ours on our Contact page.

  4. When you talk to someone in the company, do you feel pressured to buy? Or do they ask questions to see if their offering is a good fit for you?

    When you chat with anyone on our team, you’ll find they want to help you get clarity on whether we’re a fit for you. And they want to get clarity on if you’re a fit for us. There’s no point in pressure, since we only make money when you do. We have to bet on the right people.

    That’s why we screen applicants so carefully. It’s also why we have plenty of people interested in joining.
  5. Can you find the company founder and other staff on LinkedIn?

    You can find our LinkedIn company page here.
  6. Does the company have reviews from past clients? Can you message past clients to ask if they're still happy now?

    We have a large number of reviews from Prehired members. Feel free to look any of them up on LinkedIn and ask them about their experience.

Lifelong Mentorship and Support

We often get compared to bootcamps or courses. Sure, you can complete the Science-Based Sales® curriculum and land a job in an average of 12 weeks, yet that’s just the start.

After we get you hired, we want to keep you happy and help you hit 6 figures year after year. That’s why you also have LIFETIME access to our content updates, mentoring, job references, our active online members-only group, live trainings and partner job opportunities.

Some members say our alumni network alone is worth joining for. Often, you’ll find some of your fellow members become great friends who can give you references, help you land interviews, share secrets on what’s working best to stand out at their companies and more.

If you become a manager (which many members do in their first or second years), you can also recruit Prehired members, since you know how well they’re trained. Meanwhile, companies take notice of where their top performers come from and want more. That builds our brand, which makes lifetime support a win for us by creating win streaks for you and other members.

So, our incentives are aligned from the start because of our guarantee, and because we only get paid after you do. And, even after your membership is paid off, it’s in our best interest to keep helping you level up because you’ll probably want Prehired members working beside you.

Give it a Try

The only way for you to verify our Science-Based Sales® training program is the real deal is to try it for yourself.

If you’ve been thinking about joining Prehired, go ahead and apply. If admitted, you’ll be free to exit the program within your first 7 days of enrollment as long as you've completed less than 30% of the course. (You'll know how far into the course you are because our portal shows your exact % progress as you go.)

We believe once you experience our program, your new career and our community, you’ll understand the value. Before that, it’s only natural and healthy to be skeptical, no matter how many hundreds of testimonials we have, or how much we talk about a six-figure sales career and lifelong support.

Josh Jordan

As Prehired's Founder & CEO, Josh Jordan is leading the mission to help 10,000 people launch 6-figure software sales careers by the end of 2024.

How? With Prehired's Science-Based Sales® process -- born from helping dozens of software companies build their sales teams...

...and then consulting with hundreds of Software Sales Managers on exactly what they wanted new hires to know...

...and then helping hundreds of regular folks break into software sales in 12 weeks, on average.

Josh created Science-Based Sales® to help nearly anyone succeed in software sales, because it creates clarity for prospects. No killer closer instincts, charisma or kissing up to decision makers needed.

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